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ACL Assessment & Application

Contact us for a tailored quote

The following information needs to be provided in respect of the business activities and prospective responsible managers as a basis for assessing the likelihood of an application being approved by ASIC.

Once we assess your application, we will send you a quote for the application fees and charges and the terms of payment.

If we deem that it is unlikely that ASIC will approve the application, we will let you know and provide you with the rationale.

During the application process we will:

  • Assess your current business model and structure;
  • Understand the educational qualifications and relevant experience of your nominated responsible manager/s;
  • Work through the licence authorisation requirements with you;
  • Work with you to finalise all core proofs as supplied to ASIC;
  • Preparation any required additional and supporting proofs;
  • Prepare the ACL application and lodgement; and
  • Liaise with ASIC throughout the assessment process.
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